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I wanted to tell you a bit more about the products I use for my photography. Even though you have probably already read that the gear doesn’t really make the difference. I know a lot of you guys are still curious what camera to buy for a beginner. Would that be a beginner dslr or a mirrorless camera? I doesn’t make all the difference but it is just nice to have a starting point of where to look from. So after reading tons of blogs, compare sites and YouTube reviews I decided to go for the Olympus OMD EM 10 Mark II. I decided to go for a mirrorless because it is just much easier to carry around. I know myself, I can be kind of lazy and I wouldn’t want to miss out on great photo moments just because I was to lazy to carry the heavy DSLR around. But that is just my opinion. (The other part is that the camera just looks super cool and retro!) Some people say the like dslr’s more because they have a more professional feel to them in a way. Nevertheless mirrorless is having a great rise in popularity and there already are lots of lenses available so if you like the easy road I should recommend this one. I will probably do a more in-depth review of the camera in a few weeks.


I bought the Olympus together with the kit lens which is a 14-42 mm f1.8. You can buy it as a set. After a few months I started shooting more and more portraits so I decided I wanted to buy a portrait prime lens. Again after reading/watching numerous reviews the Olympus M zuiko 45 mm lens came overall had the best results for my purpose: portraits. I am very happy with this lens. It is tack sharp and has a really nice bokeh. It immediately changes the way your picture looks. Besides shooting portraits I love travelling. Even though my kitlens helped me photograph Iceland quite nicely, I got quite frustrated sometimes about the limitations of the lens so I decided I had to buy a landscape lens for my upcoming trip. Again after looking over al the reviews, I decided to buy the Olympus M. Zuiko 9-18 mm. This lens is wide enough to do most of my landscapes.


When you buy a new camera you always get the strap with it. I don’t really like the boring straps and it didn’t feel so nice while wearing it because it is quite thin. So I decided to buy a special strap which also helpt to know which camera was mine, cause my best friend has the same ;). As you can see in the picture below I found this crazy colourful one. It actually isn’t really a camera strap, but a bag strap but it works fine. I find it a little bit to bright for wintertime so I already had my eyes on some alternatives. Kekkecamerariem has a great offer of special straps. I just have to decide first.

To carry my camera around I have a Lowepro camera bag, which is super small and just fits the camera with one lens. It is very nice cause the hardened the bottom of the cause so when it drops, nothing will break. It is also very easy because I can drop this in my handbag quite easily.  For my last trip I decided to also buy a suitable backpack for the Olympus because the other lens doesn’t fit in. And in this way I can easily carry all the accessories with me in the bag. I decided to go for the Caselogic luminosity backpack. It also is theft proof cause the zipper is on your back. I really like this backpack. It is very easy to use, modular en it feels good wearing it.


In my bag i carried around, of course, the camera with the lenses. Next to that I always have a small cleaning kit inside the bag for when I accidentally touch the lens or something blows on it. I also have a ND filter in the bag to lower the exposure by 4 stops. ( I use this to photograph waterfalls and other long exposures). Next to that the bag contains a suncap and I always bring spare memorycards in a waterproof case and spare batteries. On the outside of the bag I can quite easily attach my tripod. I am using a Hama star tripod, which is super light weight and easy to carry around. It also comes with a tripod bag if you would like to use that.

Here is a quick overview of all the gear together with the links



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